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high purity and most healthy MSM

The raw material is synthesized from high purity dimethyl sulfoxide (99.9%). Obtained by crystallization and re-crystallization in purified water after separation and drying, the advantage is high purity, no black spots, no pungent odor. The color is more white and natural, good liquidity!

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Zhuzhou Hansen Chemicals Co.,Ltd(Hunan Ansen Biotechnology Co., Ltd) located at Xinma Industrial Park, Tianyuan District, Zhuzhou 412000, China. The transportation is very convenient, Occupation of 18000 square meter, plant occupation of 7000 square meter. Has GMP clean production workshop. We’ve been focusing on the research and development, production and sales of MSM for twenty years, is an very experienced MSM & DMSO manufacturer with an annual producing capacity of over 4000 tons, and our products quality is stable and reliable.

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Nature has given mankind many elements that they can use for healing. MSM is one such element that has tremendous healing power. For this reason, you will find various use of this element in different medicines.   Unfortunately, msm crystals are very hard to extract from herbal plants. Only a few companies like Zhuzhou Hansen Chemicals Co. Ltd can do this job. This bio-chemical company high level of expertise and their MSM is 99.9% pure.  

Use of MSM in the field of medicine


•Joint Pain

  You would be surprised to know that methyl sulfonyl methane is a Natural Anti-Inflammatory. So, this element can help those people who are suffering from arthritis pain. It reduces joint pain significantly when used as a health supplement.  

•Stomach ulcers

  MSM comes in many variants. Some variants like msm20-40 heal stomach ulcers. This variant of MSM increases glutathione levels in the body and gives resistant power against stomach ulcers.  

•Recover Muscle Damage

  Muscle damage is a common phenomenon for active life leaving people. With their food supplements, they can include some dimethyl sulfoxide. It will increase their muscle damage recovery rate.  

•Improve bone density

  Many people don’t know that msm60 works as a catalyst and helps bone absorb calcium. As a result, regular intake of this element can improve your bone density. Those people who consume this regularly suffer from less osteoporosis.  

•Reduce Allergy Inflammation

  Many people suffer from seasonal allergic reactions. dimethyl sulfone is a natural anti-inflammatory. Hence, it can prevent seasonal allergic reactions. If you make it a part of your diet supplement, then you will have fewer allergic reactions.  

•Improve Immunity

  These days, immunity is a big factor against the covid pandemic. msm powder helps you boost your immunity power. So you fight this disease more effectively. Hence, make Msm a part of your immune-boosting strategy.  

Usage of MSM in cosmetics and animals

  The effectiveness of msm pure is not limited to calcium only. It also increases carotene production in the body. As a result, you experience less hair fall when you consume this element. The cosmetic world is now including it in many beauty products.   MSM is delivering the same effects on other animals. For this reason, many ranch owners buy msm for horses. It makes horses strong and healthy.