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1.What is MSM ?
MSM is abbreviation of methylsulfonylmethane ,It is a natural substance that exists in food and in the human body.
Air chemists believe its molecular structure is a tiny oxidized product formed by algae in the ocean sulfide cycle. On land, MSM has been found naturally in animal tissues, food and human blood, adrenal glands and milk by many scientists over the years, as well as in horses, rabbits and other species.MSM is a nutrient that can improve immune function.
MSM is an inconspicuous sulfur molecule found in the atmosphere, plants, animals and humans. Chemically, it consists of two methyl groups (carbon and hydrogen atoms), one sulfur atom and two oxygen atoms. Sulfur is one-third proportion in its molecules.
2.What is the source of MSM ?
All MSM is synthetic and created through a chemical reaction of DMSO and H2O2.
3.What is the difference of Hansen MSM ?
The raw material of Hansen MSM is synthesized from high purity dimethyl sulfoxide(99.9%),rather than recycled DMSO, Hansen MSM Obtained by crystallization and re-crystallization in purified water after separation and drying. The advantage is high purity, No black spots, odorless, The color is more white and natural, good liquidity ! Low microorganisms and heavy metals , Does not contain any nitrate and nitrite, conform USP Standard.
High purity raw material is essential to ensure end user achieving desired therapeutic results without having to worry about potential health issues from impurities. The end product is biomimetic, which means the same as that found in nature.
4.What is the benefitsof methylsulfonylmethane ?
1)MSM as health nutrition
MSM is the supplement for healthy joints and mobility. Sulfur, a key component of methylsulfonylmethane, supports joint, cartilage and connective tissue to sustain an active lifestyle. Most of users perceived anti-aging benefits from MSM, a natural’s youthful mineral.
2)MSM as pharmaceutical
MSM promote wound healing, Many drugmakers combine dimethyl sulfone with other drugs to treat arthritis, stomatitis. MSM is a anodyne, which help alleviating pain.
3)MSM used in skin and beauty
Methylsulfonylmethane has antibacterial properties in skin care products, Improves elasticity and provides antioxidant protection in skin and collagen tissue,Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, improves skin texture, and fully supports skin structural integrity.
4)MSM as feed additives
As MSM contains organic sulfur, it can be used to improve fur’s smooth and glossiness of livestock. It could accelerate healing bone and muscle of livestock, and in the treatment of arthritis, MSM also have certain analgesic anti-inflammatory effects.
5.How much MSM recommend to take ?
For first-time users, it's best to take it with meals to prevent heartburn. First-time users should start small quantity and then gradually add more. Try to take 500 to 1000 milligrams a day for a week and then increase the dose. The recommended dosage is 2-6 grams daily, for example a 150 pound person starting with a 1/2 teaspoon in the morning and once at noon, with only one dose of MSM not helpful. Take MSM for 1-2 weeks or even 2 months before it starts working.
6.Which type of MSM recommend to take ?
The type is not the key, whether capsules, crystals, powders or tablets are absorbed by the body. Human studies have shown that MSM enters the blood very quickly and will start working within 30-45 minutes.
7.Taking MSM on an empty stomach or with meals?
Although many people take MSM on an empty stomach ,it is best to take it with some food in the stomach. When you take MSM for the first time, you should take MSM during or after meals to avoid discomfort in your stomach and intestines. Do not take MSM before going to bed .Otherwise ,you won’t be able to sleep because MSM can increase energy.