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Dimethyl Sulfone

  • What is dimethyl sulfone

    Dimethyl sulfone is an organic sulfide, a necessary substance for the synthesis of human collagen . MSM is contained in human skin, hair, nails, bones, muscles, and various organs. The human body consumes 0.5mg of MSM every day. If it is lacking, it will cause health disorders or diseases. Therefore,…
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  • Dimethyl Sulfone And Other Bone-Friendly Substances

    Dimethyl sulfone MSM can not only be used for daily health care of cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, skin diseases, allergies, snoring, cancer, interstitial cystitis, etc., it can also maintain cartilage health, improve mobility, and improve joint tissue function. In addition, MSM can also inhibit inflammation and help exercise recovery, so it is…
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