Company News

  • CPHI exhibition

    Zhuzhou Hansen Chemicals Co.,Ltd focused on producing MSM products over 20 years,we have arranged a booth in Shanghai CPHI exhibition in order to serve customers better and understand the trend of market demand. Welcome your visit and guide our work at that time. Zhuzhou Hansen will sincerely serve for you ! Exhibition Date:…
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  • Zhuzhou Hansen yönetim kurulu toplantısı

    Zhuzhou Hansen Chemicals co.,Ltd(Hunan Ansen biotechnology Co.,Ltd) is during auditing ISO in Oct.16th,2020,Meslek 18000 metrekare,bitki mesleği 7000 metrekare, GMP temiz üretim atölyesi var , Araştırma ve geliştirmeye odaklanıyoruz, yirmi yıldır MSM üretimi ve satışı, is an very experienced manufacturer with an annual producing capacity…
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  • İçindeki Hansen aktivitesi 2020

    Zhuzhou Hansen Chemicals Co., Ltd(Hunan Ansen Biotechnology Co.,Ltd) organized traveling activity from AUG.15,2020 to AUG.16,2020.Aims to enrich employee's spare time and improve team cohesion. Our boss said: It is the tenet of the company for employees to experience happiness,great thanks for our big boss and great thanks for our customers.Believe that we…
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  • Overcome difficulties and deliver on time

    Because of the influence of coronavirus, we have a difficult Year in 2020. in order to achieve the urgent shipment needs of customers, Hansen Chemical deliver goods as scheduled after fully arrangement of safety and against all obstacles,thanks for all customer's support in the special time.
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  • What is dimethyl sulfone

    Dimethyl sulfone is an organic sulfide, a necessary substance for the synthesis of human collagen . MSM is contained in human skin, hair, nails, bones, muscles, and various organs. The human body consumes 0.5mg of MSM every day. If it is lacking, it will cause health disorders or diseases. Therefore,…
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